boot sequence

working on a new project – or rather an old project that I’ve decided to recreate and finish

it’s kind of a blend between x-com apocalypse and crimsonland, to describe it shortly, and it’s called ‘exterminator: corporation defense’ as an homage to both.  both these games taught me a lot about game design and good gameplay.

any case, it’s still very much in the prototype stages so there’s not much to show at this time but I can show at least some of it

A lot of Exterminator’s scripts are still in the hardcoded stage – for example, your e-mail messages from Corporations seeking to hire you for various missions.  Though it makes sense that they use some sort of template to communicate with the player it is a bit odd that all the corporations use the exact same header.  That sort of flavor stuff will wait until the polish step of the project.

WIP: Local System navigation screen.  Currently just a big, empty, blue void with a green triangle ship representing the player’s position and direction of travel.

WIP: Mission Mailbox.  This is where those e-mail messages from earlier get sent.  You’ll make the bulk of your money on Cleaning OPs – sterilizing ships infested with aliens – but occasionally corporations will put up bounties to do things to other corporations.  In this case MegaCorp Ltd. is putting a ‘hit’ out on another corporation’s station somewhere near Venus, looks like.

Once you’ve accepted a contract, the Map screen will fill out with the mission’s data and you can direct your FTL engines to travel to new regions if necessary.  This map screen will show all the local traffic and objects in the area – important for later whenever you get encounters with stuff like Pirates and Privateers rushing to also win the contract you’re heading to.

The aliens themselves are modeled somewhat after the behaviors and navigational challenges that face ants.  Each of their scout aliens leave little trails of patterned pheremones which attract other aliens when the Scouts believe they’ve found something.  When in range with messenger aliens, they can also send messages to the Queen and the Queen can send messages to them.  The Queen herself will be playing the game as if it were an RTS, trying to trap and swarm the player while also acquiring resources to spend on additional breeding pits, expanding her lair, building defenses and early warning systems, et cetera.

That’s about all I have to show for the project thus far.  I’m about five days into production now and anticipate that I’ll have most of the absolute ‘core’ gameplay in by next week.


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